One Choice Prevention Message Poster

You can print this poster on your own printer by combining several sheets of regular 8 1/2 x 11 paper - the Adobe Acrobat Reader software will do it for you! Just follow the instructions below.


To print a 33” x 17” poster on six sheets of 8.5” x 11” paper:

  1. download the poster and open with Adobe Acrobat Reader (download for free if it’s not already on your computer)

  2. Select print, then select “Poster”, “Tile Scale: 33%”, and “Landscape”

  3. Verify that the poster will print correctly, then click “Print”

  4. Assemble the pages with tape or other methods to display your poster and help spread the One Choice message.

To print larger sizes, simply change the “Tile Scale”

Tile Scale: 43% will print a 42.5” x 22” poster on ten sheets of paper.
Tile Scale: 50% will print a 55” x 25.5” poster on fifteen sheets of paper.
Tile Scale: 67% will print a 68” x 33” poster on twenty-four sheets of paper.

Many other sizes are possible, including the full 4’x8’ poster on fifty-four sheets of paper.

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